Since 2015, BRANCH dedicated it's work to improving communities in Houston Texas as well as helping the youth progress into professionals.


Our Mission

Brothers Renovating Adolescence & Creating Heroes is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization/community outreach group based in Houston, Texas. Our mentoring program is geared towards at-risk students who are faced with impoverished neighborhoods, high risk of incarceration, and hurdles for college admissions and graduation. We are building relationships with the local communities, school districts and juvenile court systems in hopes to improve students’ academic performance, behavior, and retention rates. BRANCH is also dedicated to improving the community through various projects.



  • Provide aid and resources to the Houston community.  

  • Improve the academic and behavior performance of students in middle and high schools.

  • Create a foundation of support for victims of any types of inequality and abuse.

They want young people to learn that things will not come easy, but if they have patience, work hard, and are consistent; it will pay off for them in the long run.
— Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed., African American News & Issues